Maximize Your Business Exposure with A-Frame Signs

Three different sized white and orange A-frame signs for Trailside Homes by Ardor Printing in an office setting.

Businesses looking for an effective and eye-catching marketing solution should not overlook the potential of A-frame signs. These versatile, portable signs, also known as sandwich boards or sidewalk signs, are designed to capture attention and draw customers in. With their unique positioning just below eye level, A-frame signs leverage our natural inclination to scan the ground for information. In this post, we'll explore the various ways A-frame signs can boost your business and share some tips for making the most of this powerful marketing tool.

Why A-Frame Signs?

A-frame signs offer many benefits to businesses, including:

  • Ultra-portability and freedom from permits or constraints associated with other signage types
  • Effective branding and increased exposure for storefronts
  • Promotion of impulse buying and limited-time offers
  • Highlighting special events and promotions
  • Increased visibility for businesses, churches, and community events

5 Ways A-Frame Signs Can Boost Your Business

1. Rotating Promotions and Specials

Custom A-frame printing allows you to create a series of interchangeable placards to display on your sign. Rotating your promotions and specials not only keeps customers informed, but it also encourages them to take more interest in your sign. Including a blank chalk slate or dry erase board section can further increase engagement with hand-drawn art and messaging.

2. Helping People Find Your Store

For businesses located off the beaten path, A-frame signs can help draw attention to your storefront and provide necessary directions. A well-placed sign can prevent customer frustration and confusion, increasing foot traffic to your store.

3. Laying Claim to a Common Footpath

Custom outdoor A-frame signs can effectively brand a busy sidewalk, increasing your exposure to passers-by and enhancing your storefront's visual appeal. A well-designed sign can make your business stand out among the competition.

4. Encouraging Impulse Buying

Use your A-frame sign to promote messages that create urgency, such as "flash sale" or "one-day event." This strategy can catch consumers' attention and compel them to make a purchase they may not have planned on, especially in restaurants and retail establishments.

5. Highlighting Special Events

A-frame signs are perfect for promoting your participation in conventions, fairs, festivals, concerts, or other special events. Include your logo and message on the sign to increase brand awareness and recognition among event attendees.

A-Frame Signs for Various Applications

In addition to boosting business exposure, A-frame signs can benefit churches, non-profits, and individuals looking to spread the word about various events and initiatives. Some common uses for sandwich boards include:

  • Yard sales, bake sales, and sidewalk sales
  • Personal safety messages like "Children at Play" in residential areas and near parks and schools
  • Event management signs to direct conference goers or church attendees to the right area
  • Community events
  • Birthday parties, family reunions, and similar gatherings
  • Blood drives or donation drop-off areas
  • Vehicle traffic signage
  • And much more

A-frame signs are an affordable, eye-catching way to get your message across. Whether you're providing direction, creating buzz, highlighting promotions and specials, encouraging impulse buys, or just increasing brand awareness, these sidewalk signs should be an essential tool in your advertising toolkit.

With high-quality A-frame signs, you can switch up your message as often as needed to display custom signage for any occasion or promotion. If you need help designing the perfect A-frame sign for your goals, there are professionals who can assist you. Embrace the power of A-frame signs to maximize your business exposure and achieve your marketing objectives.

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